30 Ways Richie Rich Legit Ruined Every 90s Kid's Childhood

Where's my indoor basketball court?

In the age of Pixar, kids movies need to be about more than just having a good time. You've got to feel like you've had an emotional journey (fuck you, first 10 minutes of Up), or learned something about yourself (so that's why I feel nothing when depressed, thanks Inside Out), or society in general (thanks, Monsters Inc., work *IS* inherently evil).

But 90s kids movies were a whole different story. Loved whales? Watch a kid make friends with a silly-named whale. Big on board games? How about we traumatise you by making you watch Robin Williams lose his damn mind in a surburban jungle for 90 minutes. Huge fan of capitalism? Boy oh boy do we have the movie for you.

Warner Bros.

When we were kids, all we wanted was the latest gadget or gizmo to keep us entertained. Sega Megadrives, Furbies, even Crazy Bones, every toy we got was a gift from God. But then one movie, one DAMN movie came out that ruined our collective childhoods once and for all.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are 30 ways Richie Rich made you realise your childhood was a big pile of shit.

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