31 Hilarious Texts That Put Thirsty Exes In Their Place

When 'no' doesn't suffice.

Webster's Dictionary defines 'Thirst' as "a sensation of dryness in the mouth and throat associated with a desire for liquids."

But anyone who has ever recieved a desperate, drunken, 3am text containing the sentence "U up???" understands the true meaning of the word.

More often than not these messages are crowned with the name of a former flame, and more often than not, the thought of going back to their house churns your stomach harder than a Polish milkmaid on Eurovision.

Leaving you in the perfect position to hit back with a witty, cutting remark that puts them in their place once and for all. But what to say? Luckily for you, Instagram dons TextsFromYourEx have collated some of the most hilarious responses from across the web, ready to polish off when the time comes.

Have a look at some examples below, and check out the account here.