28 Amazon Reviews Of Classic Films That TOTALLY Missed The Point

Yeah, that's not what it's about...

The arrival of internet reviews should have been one of the most revolutionary moments in in human history.

Finally, people didn't need to take a wild guess whether something was worthy of their hard-earned money - they could receive instant recommendations from like-minded people across the world. As man helped man, companies would need to up their game. Ensure that their products were the best they could possible be. The people held all of the power.

But here's the thing: people are stupid.

To the point where you're more willing to trust the blurb on the very product you're buying than the incoherent review of another human being. Especially when it comes to movies - one of the most subjective subjects on planet Earth.

That's why, with the help of Twitter dons Amazon Movie Reviews, we bring you... well, Amazon Movie Reviews! That totally, irreversibly missed the point...

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