33 Unbelievably Profound Thoughts People Had In The Shower

“Adulthood is just a struggle to allocate a dwindling number of fucks to an increasing number of tasks.”

It is scientific fact* that everybody does their best work naked. From welders to fry cooks and Olympic hurdlers, everyone eventually hits a life high in the buff. (*Complete bullshit.)

But the very best sort of people who benefit from having a bare butt are life’s thinkers. Einstein, Shakespeare and Hawking all (probably) created legacies that have lasted centuries with a healthy breeze around their privates. And the good folk of Reddit are no different. 

So here’s the very best of r/showerthoughts - where this century’s wisest minds ponder great philosophical questions, like ‘What if rocks are actually soft, but tense up every time they are touched by something?’, and ‘Is licking a yogurt lid the female turn on equivalency to eating a banana?’.

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