1980s Recipes That Will Give You Food Poisoning Just Looking At Them

You haven't lived until you've tried White Mystery Fruitcake. Or at least, you die straight afterwards.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the fact we weren't born in the 1970s?

Not least because we now have access to free contraception, women can vote, and some beautiful bastards invented Candy Crush and rainbow bagels - but because we don't have to eat shit like this:

Next time you head to your mum's for tea, don't even *think* about complaining if the chicken's a bit dry, or the gravy's lumpy. If you'd a been born a bit earlier, you could have been tucking into Tomato Surprise. The surprise being that you died straight afterwards. Here's a bunch of 1980s recipes that should never have existed, but sweet Jesus, they did:

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