35 Things That Look Like Willies But Are Not, In Fact, Willies

Just to confirm: these are not willies. They just look as such.

It's such a life-affirming feeling, isn't it? You're walking around town, minding your own business when - out of nowhere - you spot something that kind of looks like a dick and balls. Instant good day, that.

Sometimes it really looks like a dick and balls, to the point that you wonder conspiratorally to yourself whether the item in question was intentionally designed to look like a dick and balls. But who cares? Because things that look like dick and balls are funny. For a lot of people, they're what makes life worth living.

And for those people we say: here. Here are some more things that, hilariously, look like dick and balls - all gathered from gloried Instagram peen-hunters ThatLooksLikeADick...

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