36 Tattoos That'll Take You Straight Back To The 90s

Hey, Arnold! Cool tattoo.

We'll admit it - like most of the Western population above the age of 28, we're happy to roll our eyes when Susan from accounts shares yet another nostalgic listicle decrying the loss of our childhoods (i.e 90s staple accessories like Tamagotchis and platform trainers).

But secretly, we're still obsessed. You can't ignore the little leap your heart makes when you see a picture of a McDonald's toy you forgot you had when you were nine, or someone points out a tiny little detail you missed in the background of Friends, twenty years after the show aired.

So how about 90s tattoos? You telling us you don't want to see people who loved the Rugrats so much, they got them inked on their skin permanently? Who fancied The Backstreet Boys so badly, they carry them with them EVERYWHERE? Yeah, we thought as much.

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