40 Insanely Realistic Balloon Animals You Never Got At Your Birthday Party

Probably because you didn't deserve them, you little shit...

Child birthday parties are the stuff of dreams. First of all, there's all the jelly and cake and ice cream you could eat, and you never felt guilty (THANKS, SOCIETY). Then, there was the fact that all the friends you invited ACTUALLY turned up, none of this 'maybe attending' on Facebook bullshit. Then, finally, there was the entertainment.

Magicians. Face painters. Hell, even clowns! Every single act was always on point (probably because you had not developed any form of discernable taste, and would basically laugh at a coloured cube if it farted loud enough). But today, ladies and gentlemen and every one else, we're here to ruin your childhood.

Feast your eyes on what balloon art was MEANT to be!

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