45 Incredible Colour Palettes From Incredible Films

So beautiful, so colourful, so palatable.

When you watch a movie, any movie, how much are you thinking about the colours? Depending on the movie you're watching, you might not be thinking at all (see: any of Adam Sandler's recent work).

The main talking points of movies tend to be: the acting, the directing, explosions, gratuitous nudity, Danny DeVito, etc., but no one ever goes: "Cor, did you see them colours?"

Cinema Palettes will change your mind. It's a Twitter account that breaks down the colour palettes of iconic movies, for no particular reason other than the satisfaction of seeing the shades that a film is made of. The result is (hopefully) a new appreciation of the importance of colour in the design of a movie. Or you'll go back to pointing out boobs and giggling.