8 Incredibly Dangerous Fireworks Fails

Ever since someone figured out how to put fire in a stick, humans have been waving it around like we're Greek gods or something. Here are 8 videos that prove we are not gods. We are idiots.

WARNING: All of the stunts on this page were performed by idiots. Do not try them anywhere.

[subheader:list:1]One up the bum, no harm d... No, wait. Lots. Lots of harm done.[/subheader]


[subheader:list:2]There's a reason fireworks are supposed to happen high up.[/subheader]


[subheader:list:3]Pro tip: Saving a firework for later? Just stick it in your pocket.[/subheader]


[subheader:list:4]There seems to be a mistake. I had tickets for the fireworks. Not the nuclear holocaust.[/subheader]


[subheader:list:5]No Fido, do not fetch that. Do not fetch that![/subheader]


[subheader:list:6]This couple are so in love it's like there are fireworks wherever they go. Oh wait, there are. Someone get the extinguisher.[/subheader]


[subheader:list:7]Warning: NSFW. In fact, Not Safe in every possible sense of the word.[/subheader]


[subheader:list:8]Sometimes it's worth just investing in a proper jacuzzi.[/subheader]