Classic Paul Daniels Magic Tricks That Still Baffle Us To This Day

"You'll like this... not a lot, but you'll like it"

If you were ever a fan of magic as a kid then it's more than likely that you recieved one of Paul Daniels' magic boxes at some point or another. 

Sitting in your room for hours on end as you struggled to manipulate cards, growing more and more frustrated as you attempted to make that 2p disappear, watching your social life slowly fade away.... no? OK, maybe that was just us.

He was one of the most entertaining, influential magicians that's ever lived and here are 6 videos that prove it.

RIP the legend that is Paul Daniels. 

The Chop Cup Routine

The Disappearing Card Routine

Aces In A Wine Glass Trick

Mind Reading Trick

Cremation Illusion

Chimpanzee Card Trick

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