7 Things The Impractical Jokers Learned On Their Visit To The UK

"Spotted Dick? Is it dick pudding?" - Joe.

Last year the Impractical Jokers visited the UK for their AMAZING 'Where's Larry?' Tenderloins Tour and us lucky bastards got to meet Sal, Q, Joe and Murr!

They were just as hilarious as you'd expect (and Sal's just as hot in real life), so we couldn't wait to pin them down and quiz them about all things British. Here's a bunch of our favourite quotes from their stint in good ol' Blighty...

1. "Why is it called 'dick'?!" - Joe

Rex Features / Comedy Central

"What is spotted dick? Why is it called dick? Is it dick pudding?" The Jokers were VERY confused about our beloved pudding (and to be honest, so are we). 

2. "I like a good Jaffa cake, right down my gullet." - Q

Tru TV via Comedy Central

Full moon, half moon, total eclipse. Q told us that he loves munchin' down on Jaffa Cakes, sausages and mash (he loved that we call them 'bangers') and his favourite drink is unsweetened ice tea.

3. "I enjoy a good afternoon tea with a scone" - Joe

Tru TV via Comedy Central / Rex Features

A man after our own hearts - you are welcome to our granny's house ANY TIME.

4. "Salmon sandwiches... that's just not a thing we have back at home" - Sal

Rex Features / Comedy Central

The lads were more than a little confused by the spread we put on. 

5. "I love London, I feel very comfortable here" - Murr

The Jokers couldn't have been more excited for their time in the UK, with Murr saying he loves London almost as much as his hometown! You're welcome back any time :)

6. "We love our UK fans" - All of 'em


When they invited a few fans to a pub in Camden, London, for a drink, we don't reckon they were expecting THIS many...


7. "Our Manchester fans rock!!" - Murr




And yeah, it happened again in Manchester the next day. Impractical Jokers fans > any other type of fan, ever. Fact.