6 Things You Never Knew About Impractical Jokers

Larry is real! Nah, just kidding.

If you're a TRUE, HARDCORE Impractical Jokers fan, then you'll love Joe Gatto's recent interview with Den Of Geek, in which he revealed all of the show's little known secrets.

Here are favourite bits of juicy info:

1. The show takes a LONG TIME to put together

The editing of each episode normally takes about four to five weeks. After they film a challenge on the day, it goes into the edit and gets put into whatever programme they think best suits it, alongside other challenges.

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2. People in the UK react differently to being pranked

The guys film most of their shows in their native New York. But in the UK, they're the tourists. And we all know how we feel about tourists. Unsurprisingly, the Jokers' UK victims often don't understand what's going on... and they don't react well!

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3. People are shocked by their live shows

Their live gigs are actually quite different to the show. It's more like stand up comedy, rather than pranking. The four of them are on stage, together, telling stories from their lives and friendships. And then there's the odd hidden camera challenge - just to keep it interesting.

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4. They're shocked by their popularity

The Jokers previously performed at small London venues like The Kentish Town Forum, but they have now sold out three dates at the 02 arena (which has a 20,000 person capacity!). That's a whole lot of tickets.

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5. Before Impractical Jokers, they filmed two scripted TV show pilots

But they mush prefer the improv style of a prank show. Oh, yeah. They describe themselves as improv comedians before actors, and feel they can be funnier and show their personalities more in a prank show. It's actually a good thing that the scripted shows never happened!

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6. Filming the live episode was super exciting

The jokers said that doing the live episode was one of their all time favourites to film. Around 5000 people turned up to watch them walking a tightrope. And apparently, the lads loved looking down and seeing fans screaming in support and just having so much fun. N'awww <3

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Catch Impractical Jokers on Comedy Central, Mondays from 9pm.

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