62 pictures of celebrities getting petrol

If there's one group of people that goes flipping mental for petrol, it's celebrities. Look at all these pictures of them absolutely lapping it up.

[subheader]Denise Richards[/subheader]

Denise Richards absolutely loves petrol, as this picture shows.

[subheader]Jay Leno[/subheader]

Jay is never more relaxed than when he is getting petrol. Look how happy he is.

[subheader]Natalie Portman[/subheader]

Natalie Portman loves petrol so much she should change her name to Natalie Petrolwoman.

[subheader]Jake Gyllenhaal[/subheader]

Why the disguise Jake? We all know how much you love petrol.

[subheader]Mel Gibson[/subheader]

In the wrong hands, petrol can be a lethal weapon. Luckily Mel Gibson knows how to use it responsibly.

[subheader]Kelly Brook[/subheader]

Apparently she used to present that Celebrities Love Islands show, but if we've learnt anything today it's that celebrities love petrol way more than they love islands.

[subheader]Paris Hilton[/subheader]

Really though, celebrities are just like us. Except they love petrol even more.

[subheader]Sean Penn[/subheader]

Sean Penn won an Oscar for Milk, but actually that's only his second favourite liquid. After petrol.

[subheader]Sarah Michelle Gellar[/subheader]

Well you can't slay vampires on an empty tank can you? They'd laugh in your face they would.

[subheader]Matt Damon[/subheader]

Matt Damon was Bourne. To love petrol.

[subheader]Jessica Lowndes[/subheader]

"Fraud detection? Yes, I did just buy $120,000 worth of petrol. Do you have a problem with that?"

[subheader]Naomi Campbell[/subheader]


[subheader]Macy Gray[/subheader]

That song 'I Try' was actually about trying to get petrol. When she tried to walk away and stumbled it was because she tripped over the pump.

[subheader]Liam Hemsworth[/subheader]

The hardest thing about being in The Hunger Games is not that there's no food. It's that there's no petrol.

[subheader]Reese Witherspoon[/subheader]

Reese is only looking stressed because she hasn't got her daily fix of petrol yet.

[subheader]Reese Witherspoon[/subheader]

This is how she looks after filling up a couple of times.

[subheader]Reese Witherspoon[/subheader]

Wow, Reese Witherspoon really loves petrol.

[subheader]Reese Witherspoon[/subheader]


[subheader]Shia LeBeouf[/subheader]

Every picture tells a story. This one tells the story of Shia LeBeouf getting some petrol for his car. The end.

[subheader]Selma Blair[/subheader]

Everyone says Blair invaded Iraq for the oil. But why would she do that when she could just go to the petrol station?

[subheader]Jon Hamm[/subheader]

He might look pretty cool with a whisky in his hands, but how does Jon Hamm look when he's getting petrol? Even cooler. Obviously.

[subheader]Jennifer Love Hewitt[/subheader]

Jennifer Love Hewitt's real name is Jennifer Love Petrol. Those were also the first three words she ever spoke.

[subheader]Ben Affleck[/subheader]

Ben Affleck is going to need loads of petrol now he's running a Batmobile. That shit probably takes premium unleaded.

[subheader]Charlize Theron[/subheader]

Charlize Theron's hardest ever acting gig was trying to get into the character of a serial killer in Monster, as at no point in the film did Aileen Wuornos go out to get petrol - which is Charlize Theron's favourite pastime.

[subheader]Chris Hemsworth[/subheader]

What is this? The forecourt? Or the Thor-court? Am I right?

[subheader]Liv Tyler[/subheader]

This is how Liv Tyler prepared for her role in the 3-and-a-half-hour epic Lord of the Ring Road.

[subheader]Selma Blair[/subheader]

Everyone says that Blair should stay out of public life altogether and stop using the Middle East as a personal speaking circuit to make millions. But jeez, all she's doing is getting some petrol. Relax everyone.

[subheader]Anna Faris[/subheader]

She may have been in Scary Movie, but if you asked Anna Faris to name a scary movie, it would be a film of somebody saying "Sorry Ms Faris, we're out of petrol." That's how much she loves petrol.

[subheader]Anna Faris[/subheader]

Scary Movie 2: Still Out (Of Petrol).

[subheader]Maya Rudolph[/subheader]

Omg, Maya is so stupid she doesn't even know how to use the petrol squirter thing.

[subheader]Avril Lavigne[/subheader]

Avril Lavigne knows how to do it. Look, she even runs a training class for underprivileged kids with no previous experience at squirting petrol into things.

[subheader]Gary Oldman[/subheader]


[subheader]Renee Zellweger[/subheader]

Hahahahahahahaha. That's more like it Renee. Classic petrol bantz.

[subheader]Pippa Middleton[/subheader]

Oh-oh - shit just got royal. See that Gary? Pippa doesn't think she's too good for petrol, and she's Brian May's cousin or something.

[subheader]Rachel Bilson[/subheader]

Rachel is such an experienced petrol-getter she's brought wellies in case of splashback.

[subheader]Rumer Willis[/subheader]

A Good Day to Die Hard? Or a Good Day to Get Petrol? This proves that Rumer Willis takes after her dad. As he also loves petrol.

[subheader]Kim Kardashian[/subheader]

For glamorous celebs like Kim K, petrol is the ultimate fashion accessory.

[subheader]Kim Kardashian[/subheader]

See, she never poses without it. Apparently her husband is even starting his own petrol brand called Water 2.0.

[subheader]Kim Kardashian[/subheader]

Wow, Kim Kardashian loves petrol almost as much as Reese Witherspoon.

[subheader]Sienna Miller[/subheader]

Remember when Sienna Miller broke up with Jude Law? Now the only law she hates more than him is the one that restricts personal purchases of petrol to 400 gallons a day.

[subheader]Tori Spelling[/subheader]

Who is Tori Spelling you might say? Actually the question is What is Tori Spelling? And the answer is petrol. P-E-T-R-O-L.

[subheader]Vanessa Hudgens[/subheader]

"Hey guys, make sure you get me getting the petrol. I want to have it framed to remind me of how much I love petrol. Not that I'd ever forget!"


Need some petrol mate? Don't worry, Tulisa knows someone who knows someone who can sort you out with some pretty sweet unleaded.

[subheader]Emily Blunt[/subheader]

Hey Emily, how about a little concentration? This isn't a game. This is petrol.

[subheader]Chris Brown[/subheader]

Pull your trousers up Brown. This is a petrol station not a public toilet.

[subheader]Jessica Alba[/subheader]

No Jessica, you don't just poke it through the window until the car is full. It goes in the glovebox or something.

[subheader]Katherine Heigl[/subheader]

Now there's a lady who really loves petrol.

[subheader]Brooke Burke-Charvet[/subheader]

Not sure who this is, but she seems to like petrol, so she's fine by us.

[subheader]Christina Ricci[/subheader]

What is she filling up her Uncle Fiesta or something? You know, because she was in the Addams Family.

[subheader]Emma Roberts[/subheader]

Yeah, being mates with Spider-man is all very well, but your car doesn't run on web does it? That's why petrol is actually a girl's best friend.

[subheader]Jessica Alba[/subheader]

Finally getting some help. It's not easy this petrol business.

[subheader]Olivia Wilde[/subheader]

Even she doesn't really know what's going on.

[subheader]Stock photo lady[/subheader]

Hey! You're not a celebrity! Get out of the special celebrity petrol station where all these pictures are from!

[subheader]Halle Berry[/subheader]

See, finally someone who knows what she's doing. Nothing like keeping two hands on the petrol squirter to stop it slipping out of the little porthole thing.

[subheader]Hayden Christensen[/subheader]

Hey Christensen, stop stinking up our awesome petrol article with your shit acting. We all know that petrol station was added in post, you're not fooling anyone.

[subheader]Amy Adams[/subheader]

You might not think so to look at her, but Amy Adams loves petrol just as much as the next woman.

[subheader]Ashley Tisdale[/subheader]

Scratch that! The next woman is Ashley Tisdale, and she REALLY loves petrol.

[subheader]Brittany Snow[/subheader]

She looks like she doesn't even know what petrol is! It's a sort of burny liquid that makes wheels go round you idiot.

[subheader]David Walliams[/subheader]

He's mad that Walliams. He once came up with a character whose catchprase was "more petrol please", which he based on himself.

[subheader]Sarah Harding[/subheader]


[subheader]Freddie Flintoff[/subheader]

Freddie Flintoff loves getting petrol so much that that's his job now. Fill her up Freddie!