7 Games That'll Help You Remember What Winter's Supposed To Be About

Damn you, climate change...

Climate change is a bit of a bugger, innit?

From storms and famine, to overpopulation and melting ice caps ruining those Walrus's lives on Blue Planet II, there's no doubt that we're fucking over the planet sooner than we expected.

But by far the greatest injustice of our carbon catastrophe is the death of the traditional British Christmas.

Look inside your heart, and answer honestly: when was the last time it snowed on Christmas Day? It's been so long it seems like the whole winter thing was just a fever dream invented by ad men to sell Christmas Cola™ and tinsel-topped strap-ons. Maybe the sledding, snowball fights, and actually appreciated socks in your stockings you remember so fondly are just Matrix-style simulations of what having a good and seasonally-appropriate time the machines think we want?

But, Christmas truthers, there is hope.

No, the government isn't suddenly going to tax the worst polluters, fund renewable energy projects, or curb agricultural practices that would ~actually~ help reduce climate change, don't be stupid! We're talking about pixelated perfection.

Here are 7 video games that keep the spirit of Christmas alive...

Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds is available from the 11th of November.

Fancy seeing whether real life can compare to video games, but in a more fun, engaging and visual way?