7 Things We Learned From Matthew Perry's West End Play

He is not 'blah', he is a hoot.

Ever since Matthew Perry announced he was moving to London, baby, we've felt mixed emotions. LOVE, mostly.

L - longing to spot him on the bus

O - openly crying in public every time we remember he couldn't make the Friends reunion

V - very real feelings of nostalgia 


He's swapped L.A for London to direct and star in 'The End Of Longing', a tragi-comedy about an alcoholic falling in love with a prostitute (!), and we couldn't resist popping down. There were highs, there were lows - but it was kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck-fantastic. Here's why:

He's Chandler. Actual Chandler

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

We defy anyone who's engaged with pop culture in the last twenty years not to feel a bit giddy coming face to face with living, breathing (Miss) Chanandler Bong. 

Except he's not actually Chandler at all

Helen Maybanks via London Theatre

Matthew Perry plays Jack, an unapologetic, raging alcoholic who can't get a grip on life without a bottle (or two) in his hand. When he takes home a high class prostitute, the storyline develops WAY further than a duck ingesting a wedding ring. 

There are poignant hints at Perry's personal life 

Helen Maybanks via London Theatre

The Friends star has bravely spoken out about alcohol dependency during his time on the show - and his raw, emotional performance can't help but highlight his experiences (and make you cry your eyes out. Twice).

He's hopeless, and awkward, and desperate for love

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

Jack's an extreme character, but there's a little bit of him in all of us - vulnerable, scared and looking for that special someone to spend his life with, even if he doesn't realise that yet.

He's absolutely hilarious

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

Monica's 'breezy' answering machine message has NOTHING on Jack's boozy blast during one heated scene - easily the best in the entire play.

He busts out THIS move

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

Yep, at one point, there's dancing on a table. It does not end well.

He'll melt your stone-cold heart

Warner Bros via Comedy Central

Remember when Chandler toned down the funny, got on his knees, told Monica that she made him happier than he ever thought he could be, and you were a blubbering wreck for a week? Prepare for that IRL, and then some. At one point, Perry says, "I guess I suffer from terminal uniqueness", and he's not wrong for a second.


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