8 Amazing Facts We Learned From Murr's Reddit AMA

Fame, friends, and romance, ooh la la!

In preparation for his super exciting novel ‘Awakened', Impractical Joker James ‘Murr’ Murray and his co-writer Darren Wearmouth took to Reddit for a cheeky ‘Ask Me Anything’ sesh. 

Though we see him on our screens all the time with the gang, it’s a rare occasion where we get to hear about his actual real proper life. 

So here are some new crazy things we found out about the prankster:

1) He and the gang are BFFs in real life too!

Q.  Hey Murr! I love Awakened!! Do you and Joe, Q, & Sal still hang out outside of filming Jokers?

A. All the time! 

2) Sometimes punishments on the show are a little too harsh... 

Q. What punishment made you almost consider leaving the show? How did that day go before and after the punishment?

A. Getting 2 prostate exams was kinda harsh!

3) Podcast plans could be in the making! 

Q. Hey Murr! Do you and the Impractical Jokers guys plan on bringing back the Tenderloins Podcast anytime soon?

A. When we have time, I’d love to. 

4) The show sparked steamy romance for Murr... sort of?

Q. Did you ever ask out the pretty black woman that the guys hired to flirt with you?

A. I did. She never replied lol. 

5) The fame can be tough... 

Q. With the increasing popularity of IJ how hard is it now compared to earlier seasons to get footage without people recognizing one of you and ruining the shoot? For instance, on an episode of Inside Jokes, it was revealed there was a shoot day canceled because someone played a saxophone whenever y’all tried to do a challenge.

A. It is harder, but that’s a good problem to have. 

6) Despite rumours, no one is planning on going solo anytime soon. 

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Q. James, it often seems like you're the only one with a post-IJ exit strategy. Is that accurate or are the other guys secretly planning their next steps?

A. No secret plans, I just love thrillers! 

7) Though all the pranks take mega-skills, one stands out...

Q. Hey Murr. What’s the hardest prank you ever had to do on impractical jokers?

A. Strip high five! 

8) The most important revelation of all. 

Q. Are you going to let me take you for a cheeky Nandos when you're back in the UK?

A. Yep. 

All these questions have got us hungry...

Nandos, Impractical Jokers, and chill, anyone? 

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