8 Cartoon Animals That Are Massively Disappointing in Real Life

There's nothing like cartoons to inspire children with a sense of wonder about the natural world. And there's nothing like real life to let them down.

[subheader]Road Runner[/subheader]

What you want: A feather-lined purple rocket who looks death in the face and laughs.

What you get: A sparrow that forgot to comb his hair.

[subheader]Tasmanian Devil[/subheader]

What you want: An insane brown tornado that sounds like it's simultaneously coughing, burping and farting.

What you get: A teddybear that was rejected for being too tame.


What you want: A wise-cracking, pizza-munching martial artist.

What you getA rock with legs.


What you want: A wholesome, loveable buddy who's good with a mop.

What you get: A tiny disease-ridden thief who eats your cereal when you're asleep.


What you want: A lightning-fast blue streak who pilfers diamonds from moustachioed villains.

What you get: A chubby little recluse who's too full of warm milk and bread to manage anything more than a brisk shuffle.


What you want: A big, cuddly buffoon who lives in a crazy undersea kingdom.

What you get: A lifeless crusty paperweight that doesn't even have a catchphrase.


What you wantA hyperactive avian machine with a weirdly infectious laugh that gets up to all kinds of madcap escapades.

What you get: A bird that literally just pecks wood.


What you want: A goofy aquatic superhero that's all mouth and no trousers

What you get: A sponge.

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