Celebrities (and I use that terms loosely) are just like you and I. They put their trousers on one leg at a time, they breathe the same air, they cry when they think no one is looking and they also say regrettable things on the internet. The latest to fall victim to the Twitter fail curse is Dele Adebola so to make him feel better we've found 7 other celebrities who have not got the hang of twitter...

[subheader:list:1]Dele Adebola's Porn Link Fail[/subheader]

Trying to spread the love a little too literally.

[subheader:list:2]Naomi Campbell Autocorrect Fail[/subheader]

Naomi Campbell deemed Malala Yousafzai unworthy of the Nobel Peace Prize and selected an altogether more controversial choice, Malaria.

[subheader:list:3]Ed Balls Vanity Fail[/subheader]

To be fair to Ed, maybe he deliberately tweeted his own name in a kind of Busta Rhymes shouting out his own name kind of way.

[subheader:list:4]Mary J Blige Proofreading Fail[/subheader]

Intelligent people don't proofread their tweets..and neither does Mary J Blige.

[subheader:list:5]Susan Boyle Hashtag Fail[/subheader]

Susan unashamedly inviting everyone to a frankly upsetting party.

[subheader:list:6]Hulk Hogan Sexualising His Own Daughter Fail[/subheader]

Mr Hogan is now the undisputed champion of the 'Most Freudian Tweet Ever' award.

[subheader:list:7]Donald Trump Retweet Fail[/subheader]

Donald Trump considers himself to be an inspiration to Fred and Rose West.

[subheader:list:8]Jaden Smith Philisophical Fail[/subheader]

The Fresh Prince of bizarre confusing pseudo-philosophy nonsense.

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