8 Hilarious Cards That Perfectly Describe Being A Mother

Parenting is 80% making threats and 20% picking up miniature toys off the floor.

It's always a thrill for parents to witness their young one's milestones, whether it be the first time their baby smiles, grabs, or rolls over. However, there are another set of milestones that we often fail to acknowledge —  those we experience during parenthood and often tug at our heartstrings These are the moments that change us forever, softening us, enraging us and giving us new perspectives on what it means to raise a little one, and these 'Mum Milestone' cards summarise that perfectly.

Behind the series of humorous cards are mothers Esti Zilber and Becky Feiner from Sydney, Australia who have two children each. The pair felt there weren't any products available for first time mums that related to the important moments and significant events of raising a child. 

Here are 8 of the hard-fought milestones every mother experiences.

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