9 Alternative Uses For The New, Gappy Toblerone

Makes a pretty badass bike rack, tbh.

Britain, Britain, Britain.

The world, for lack of a better word, is ending. Trump storms towards the Oval Office. An independent and wholly constitutional judiciary dares to challenge a non-binding public opinion poll. Marmite disappears from, then promptly reappears on, our shelves, leaving us to wonder whether anything is even fucking real anymore? Are we even alive or is this just some awful nightmarish hellscape? Just what did we do to deserve 2016?

But now, they've done it. They've final straw. The last insult. Toblerone, that once great Christmas institution, is now gappy as shit.

But fear not, citizen, for we at Comedy Central have devised nine amazing, alternative uses for your new, inferior Toblerone! 

Josh Pappenheim - @papsby

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