9 Amazing Childhood Movies Given Hilarious Modern Makeovers

"E.T Skype home".

Nostalgia is the juice we all run on, this much we know.

From trawling through articles telling us exactly how well/badly the cast of Matilda or Hook have aged over the past 20 years, to queuing up at the movies to see yet more reboots of untouchable 80s classics (hello, Ghostbusters), we're obsessed.

So finding out one cartoonist had taken vintage movies like Back To The Future and E.T and sprinkled them with 2016 stardust, we were pretty excited (or should we say 'psyched'). 

You want to see Marty McFly on a hoverboard now, don't you? And The Terminator wearing a hipster cafe sandwich board? Course you do. And here they bloody are.

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