9 Hilarious Reactions To Zoella's "Rip Off" Advent Calendar

We love you babes, but seriously?

Everyone knows the best part of Christmas isn't the dinner, or the cuddling by the fire, or the spending time with loved ones making treasured memories that will help you through their final years as they slowly degrade and unceremonially crumble from decrepit elders into a grave, leaving you cold, alone, and facing your own inevitable mortality.

No. It's all about the little things. Specifically, the fucktonne of gifts.

And no one understands this fundamental truth better than YouTuber and online brand magnet, Zoella, who recently revealed her latest business venture: the lifestyle advent calendar.

The festive package, which is only 12 days long, and includes gifts such as a candle, cookie cutter, and bag of confetti is selling for a whopping (wait for it)


Needless to say, people on Twitter were pissed...

Really pissed.

But, Twitter being Twitter, it wasn't long until the jokes started flying.

Thick and fast.

And some people even came up with their own extra value advent calendars.


We'll take it.

The nation can't wait to find out what she's got to say for herself.

But who knows, maybe we've all learned something today.

Zoella, we love you but SERIOUSLY sort it out...

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