21 90s Bedroom Posters You Forgot You Had On Your Wall

From 10 Things I Hate About You via a Genie In A Bottle.

It's a proven fact that millennials reminisce about their childhoods at least 73.2 times per day, their thoughts wandering from spreadsheets, bus timetables and gargantuan Uber reciepts to times gone by. Times once filled with Tamagotchis, platform trainers and that really annoying kid in the Frosties cereal video. Times when it was totally OK to build your Sims a fortress and then burn it to the ground for pleasure. Time when boys actually called you on that Dream Phone. 

Join us, will you, in closing your eyes and thinking back to those days once again. Hear the beat of your Sky Dancer's wings as it flies across the room and out your bedroom window. Look over to the Dreamcatcher hanging above your bed. What's that, on the wall, though?

Is it an N*Sync poster? Does Justin Timberlake's head resemble an uncooked Pot Noodle? Is that Ben from A1 and his insane fringe gap? Yes, your room was covered in amazing posters - and we bet you'd forgotten all about them. UNTIL NOW, friends. Until now.

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