90s Themed Birthday Cakes That'll Take You Back To Simpler Times

Brum, Postman Pat, Power Rangers and Tamagotchis.

Another day in this hellhole we call 2016, done. Congratulations guys, you've made it through a day of flourescent office lighting, headlines about children paying £1500 for a meet and greet with a Justin Bieber cardboard cutout, and pretending to care what Jane from accounts did over Easter.

Time to go home and cocoon yourself in that comfort blanket unique to millennials with internet access (and an unhealthy addiction to buying lava lamps and blow up chairs on eBay) - nostalgia. Whatever problem you have, sweet memories of the 90s can fix it - especially when they're plastered all over friggin' awesome birthday cakes.

On your next birthday, why not start the year as you mean to go on, with one of these amazing designs? Sometimes Colin The Caterpillar just won't cut it.

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