A Bot Rewrote ‘Fire And Fury’ And The Results Are Perfect


If Donald Trump thought Fire And Fury was the worst thing to happen to his administration, it seems he was wrong.

The clever people at Botnik Studios used predictive keyboards to mash up the scandalous White House expose with a McDonald’s menu to create something truly amazing - and infinitely quotable.



Chapter 10, titled ‘Beef And A Chief’, begins: “Trump’s first hundred days of being President were a toasted grilled vegetable medley of ketchup and indignation.” 

Sounds about right.

The text goes on to reveal dark secrets about the inner workings of the Oval Office, such as Trump’s predilection for pissing on Buffalo Ranch Flatbread, and the truth about how POTUS uses sliced cheese as a simple computer.

And The Donald isn’t the only member of the Trump administration to get a grilling. 

Jared Kushner gets a mention for being “terrible at being Jared Kushner,” Eric Trump gets an unflattering shout-out. And, of course, Trump’s former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon features prominently - as the only person who truly understands the state of the world.

It’s the best, the greatest, most incredible book ever written. Believe us. 

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