A Labour Politician Has Just Admitted Burying The Wrong Cat In His Garden


There are only two rules for burying your dead cat, and they are: 1) make sure your cat is dead, and 2) make sure the cat is yours.

Unfortunately, councillor Matt Strong broke both of these rules last week, when he buried a stranger's pet in his garden after mistakenly believing it was the body of his cat, Gus. 

Strong, who is Labour councillor for Chorlton, thought his grey tabby had been run over on Monday and buried the body, before paying tribute to him on twitter. 

However, hours later Gus turned up in his kitchen and Strong realised his mistake.

"Well this is awkward," he tweeted.

He is now searching for the cat's real owners, and has since taken the dead cat to his local vets (the less we know about this, the better).