A Couple's Romantic Photoshoot Was Totally "Ruined" By Some Larpers

Ruined = improved a hundred times.

We're going to say it. Enagagement photoshoots can just stop. Ain't nobody wanna see you and bae silhouetted on a beach and photoshopped to look like actually nice people.

Which is why we're secretly sort of pleased that this couple's romantic shot was interrupted by some larpers (that is, live action roleplayers) who larped like larpers do best. 

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The pic was uploaded to Reddit by user Onileo and captioned: "My girlfriend's photoshoot got bombed by some larpers."

In the comments he explained that his girlfriend was photographing the couple in the park for their engagement shoot when the larpers turned up. 

Being the best beast alive, the dog seems to be the only one concerned with the photobombers. Either that or he was just refusing to be in something as lame as an engagement photoshoot. We prefer to imagine the latter.

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