This 6 Month-Old Leprechaun Baby Just Won St. Patrick's Day

Warning: this is Leprechaun-y.

If you'd have been brought after the dawn of social media, your Dad definitely would have spent his time dressing you up in adorable outfits, and making millions of people across the globe declare you the cutest baba of all time, wouldn't he? 

He wouldn't have used this new phenomenon to bet on the races, or book himself long golf weekends, or Google exactly how many counties there are in England so he could win a bet for a packet of Quavers with his mate Benny down The King's Head. Nah. Totally. He'd have put the tool to good use, like Alan at That Dad Blog did. 

Taking his six month old baby, a startlingly ginger wig, a roller and some shamrock green paint, he got to work making his kid the viral star he deserves to be, snapping him in situations that can't fail to make St. Patrick's Day nay-sayers smile.

From painting the long-suffering family dog bright green, to digging for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, baby Rockwell (WHAT A NAME) got up to all sorts of mischief in the name of the Irish. Check out all his adventures here: