A Definitive Guide To All The Times Celebrities Picked Their Nose And Ate It

Hollywood is built on boogers.


Chances are, snot made up the majority of your childhood diet. 

Most of us grow out of it. We're caught one too many times rummaging around for a juicy gloop, or a crunchy nostril clinger, and we kick the habit.

But there are many of us who could never quite give up. People for whom the cave became a cage. Grown adults, who now spend their lives hiding the shame of booger-binges on a daily basis.

Crazily, some of these gross weirdos find themselves in the public eye; they try to keep up appearances, but before long the booger lust consumes them. This is the definitive guide to famous people chowing down on their own snot. Have a good day.

First up, the celebs.

Ted Cruz

This week, Republican candidate Ted Cruz ate his own booger on stage at a debate. Cruz presumably assumed the snot mound, which was resting on his top lip for quite some time, was too small to be picked up by the cameras. He was wrong.

Jennifer Lopez

She's still Jenny from the block, and in the block they love eating nasal muck. Keep on keeping it real, J. Lo.

Ann Wagner

What is it about Conservatives and mucus munching? Here's Republican Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner feasting on a bogie brunch live on TV.

Seth Green

Here’s Seth Green, star of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', 'Austin Powers' and 'eating snot on the Conan O’Brien Show', eating snot on the Conan O’Brien Show (slow motion, for your pleasure).

Here he is denying it, like a dirty, booger-mouthed liar.

Mike Turner

Another politician! Getting down and dirty as usual. Here Oklahoma State Rep Mike Turner eats an eye booger, like a psychopath.

Now, what follows is a bunch of A-Listers picking their nose (according to ultimatetop10.com). It would be libellous to suggest that they then went on to stick a snot in their mouth, chew it under their teeth, roll it around their tongue, and ultimately swallow it. That is not something that we are suggesting. 

John Travolta

Ethan Hawke

Mischa Barton

Britney Spears

Kelly Brook

Brad Pitt

Penelope Cruz

Lindsey Lohan

Tom Cruise

Celebrities of the booger banquet - we commend you.