A Genius South Park Fan Made Al Gore's Super Cereal IRL

And it's super awesome.

You may remember the glorious South Park episode where Al Gore, former US Vice President, appeared so that he could warn the children about the horrifying ManBearPig.

Yes, the ManBearPig: half man, half bear and half pig. Do the maths, it's totally fine.

In that episode Gore always said that he was "super cereal", because he apparently didn't know that "serious" was a different word. And now, an absolute genius has gone right ahead and made Super Cereal.

Yes, they've got a label for the box and everything. Al Gore loves it, and you should too. Because it's AMAZING.

Plus, inspired by ManBearPig, Super Cereal is half cocoa puffs, half Reese's puffs and half cookie crisp. All the flavour with just as much mathematical accuracy.

Doesn't it look tasty? We'd eat 100% of that.

We're super cereal, you guys.

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