A Goldfish Named Mr. Hot Wing Has Just Got Braces

Yes, goldfish have teeth.

A few facts, before we begin. Yes, goldfish have teeth (but they're located far back in their throats).

Yes, some people are willing to spend $150 to keep their goldfish alive.

Yes, the world is a beautiful place. 

Mr. Hot Wing, pictured below, was born without a lower jaw bone, meaning he experienced difficulty breathing and eating. 

In order to survive, Mr. Wing (Hot, to his friends) visited Lehigh Valley Veterinary Dermatology last week for emergency surgery. 

Veterinarian Brian Palmeiro then crafted a special set of "braces" to hold the fish's mouth open. Unbelievably, it's made from a small slice of a credit card.

Mr. Hot Wing is undoubtedly thrilled with his increased life span and fresh new look, but unfortunately he was unavailable for comment. 

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