A Guy Fell Asleep On His Second Day At Work. Internet Fame Ensued

Down as many coffees as you can...don't let this happen to you!

Here's an idea. Don't fall asleep at work, it's never going to go down well. Especially don't fall asleep at work if it's your SECOND day.

Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure, intern and Redditor TheOrangeDuke had a little snooze at his desk and unbeknownst to him his colleagues took full advantage of the situation, turning him into an internet meme.

Burns doesn't look too pleased.

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Enjoying the rockstar lifestyle.

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Well we'd definitely watch this. 

It's the circle of liiiiife.

What's better than one man asleep in the office? A MILLION CLONES OF HIM ASLEEP IN THE OFFICE.

What a cock-up

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Samwell, is that you..?

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This is truly terrifying

Aww, let him dream.