A Harry Potter Festival Is Here And It's Riddikulus

It's happening THIS WEEKEND!

A Harry Potter *festival* is taking place this weekend and we can barely keep our wits together.

Students can arrive by train, then get sorted, play Quidditch, go shopping in Hogsmeade, take part in a duel and meet Hedwig. The bad news (come on, you knew this was coming) is that it's in Philadelphia, USA. The good news - the attention to detail is so awesome you can appreciate it from afar without *too* much jealousy. Check out what's on offer... 

MEET HEDWIG (OK she's dead, but a bunch of other live owls & falcons)

Watch 'Secret Circus Aerialists' do Potter interpretations in the motherf*cking air

You can visit the shops of “Hogsmeade”

Take part in a Muggles Read-a-thon (ughhh so jelaous)

Enjoy hands-on activities at over a dozen Horcrux Stations

Check out the Tri-Wizard Straw Maze at Woodmere Art Museum

Take your best selfie at Hedwig’s Hollow and 4 Privet Drive

Have tea at Madame Puddifoot’s Tea Shoppe


Join the fun at the J.S. Jenks Firebolt 5K (OK this sounds like running. We don't remember Haz and Hermione doing any cross country, but we'll go with it)

Visit the School of Wizardry and Witchcraft

Plus there are fortune tellers, face painting, games and photo booths. Sigh.

Yet more reasons to curse your parents for not birthing you in the United States. Selfish little squibs. How could they.

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