A Hello Kitty Cafe Is Coming To London And It's As Deliciously Adorable As You Can Imagine

Our summer is sorted.

If you're busy working hard on that summer body, forget it because from June to August, London Town will be treated to a pop-up Hello Kitty cafe and it'll be serving A LOT of cakes, pies and biskies (which are essentially a biscuit/cookie/cake hybrid. Yup.).

Based in Soho, this pop-up cafe will serve all its yummy offerings in bamboo steamers, and Hello Kitty merchandise will also be available to buy - such as backpacks and notebooks.

 Official pictures of the range of food and drink that will be on offer haven't been released yet, but it'll be similar to the range currently available in Cutter & Squidge’s Secret Garden cafe in Soho, where the pop-up will be taking place.

Cutter and Squidgy

If this photo is anything to go by, we anticipate a lot of Hello Kitty cake gorging will be occurring this summer.

To book call Cutter & Squidge on 020 7734 2540 or via OpenTable. Please note that bookings for the Hello Kitty Cafe are now open online for June, but any before then will be the shop’s regular afternoon tea).

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