A Lady Selling Bread Got A Modelling Contract After Photobombing Tinie Tempah

We can't wait for the movie.

Throw away your Harry Potters, your Catchers in their Rye, the best story ever told is here, and it truly doesn't get more magical than this.

A woman named Olajumoke Orisaguna has got a modelling contract after accidentally walking through a photoshoot of Tinie Tempah in Lagos, Nigeria.

TYBello via Instagram

Olajumoke, 27, was snapped by Tempah's photographer Ty Bello, who only realised what he'd captured when later editing the photos.

He uploaded the photo to Instagram, writing: "Every one has been asking if this lady is a model... It was just perfect coincidence." He then tracked her down AND got her on the cover of Style magazine. 

TYBello via Instagram
TYBello via Instagram

Brb, we're off to sell a loaf of Kingsmill near Kanye West.