A Major Clueless Goof Has Been Discovered And We're Totally Buggin'

This is a full-on Monet.

Think you know Clueless inside out? Seen it 3 BILLION times??!!

Nothing new we could possibly tell you?!


Because Cher had two surnames.

An eagle-eyed fan spotted that Cher is referred to as Cher Hamilton *and* Cher Horowitz during the movie - but did you spot both references?

In one scene we see the top of 'Cher Hamiltons' report card - NOT Cher Horowitz, as she's referred to the whole time.

Did the director change Cher's name last minute, and forget to amend the movie props? WE MAY NEVER KNOW. BUT THERE'S MORE.

Later on, Mel puts his daughter's report card to one side, and we see the envelope again. It's addressed to 'Melvin Hamilton'.

Which would corroborate our rather sassy detective work, doncha think? All this time, we've been totally buggin'.

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