A Man Died Watching A Horror Movie, Then His Body Completely Disappeared

Get a refund on those cinema tickets, NOW.

Ever been so scared during a horror movie that you thought you might actually die? Not to terrify you even further, but that's what happened to one poor man in India. Oh, and then his body disappeared.

In what sounds like a meticulously planned PR stunt but is sadly all too real, the drama unfolded at a screening of The Conjuring 2 in Tiruvannamalai, a small town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

According to Times of India, the man complained of heart pains and fainted as the film ramped up the scare factor towards its finale, then later passed away in hospital. The publication says the person handling the cadaver could possibly have stolen the body.

These reports have done nothing to quash the social media flurry saying the film is drenched in the supernatural - meanwhile, a video claiming to show a woman who ”got possessed while watching The Conjuring 2” has been viewed close to five million times in the last week. Check it out (f*cking terrifying, real or fake, tbh):

Another facebook post from Singaporean man Damian Ng Yih Leong shows what looks to be a cross on a hotel room mirror, which apparently appeared after the the man saw the movie: “my first firsthand encounter with paranormal activity.”

A brief summary, so you never have the watch the film, ever: it's the sequel to the 2013 original starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who play paranormal investigators delving into the Amityville murders of 1976. In The Conjuring 2, they travel to north London to track down a family possessed by evil spirits.

Now you know, so maybe hold off on that cinema date until Finding Dory comes out, eh?