A Mini Friends Reunion Just Happened And It Was Incredible

Joey and Chandler are still 'Best Buds' <3

All that hankering for a full-on Friends reunion has had us SO distracted, we forgot the gang of six often meet up in smaller groups - and that TWO OF THEM ARE IN LONDON RIGHT NOW. TOGETHER. IN THE SAME PLACE. AND THEY HANG OUT SOMETIMES.

Matt Le Blanc is in Blighty to host Top Gear with Chris Evans and Matthew Perry is still treading the boards in his London play The End Of Longing. So it should come as no suprise that the long-time 'best buds' (ugh, our hearts) will hang out sometimes, and that there will be cameras present to capture the moment forever. But no. We're still overwhelmed. BECAUSE LOOK AT THEM:

Matt raved about the show on Twitter, which follows the complicated relationship between an alcoholic and a prostitute in New York:

When you've stopped running around the room with your shirt off (and staring at that rather suave tartan jacket, hello), check out what all the celebrity guests from Friends look like now - they scrub up *almost* as well as these two...

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