A New Survey Shows Which London Suburbs Are Most DTF

Apparently 23 per cent of Londoners have had an affair. Not cool.

Look, we all know now that polls are basically wrong about everything. Brexit, Trump, the 2015 election, you name it.

But one thing you can definitely rely on them for - even when the sample is incredibly biased - is tasty, tasty gossip.

And thanks to Time Out, we have some new insights into the utter filth that goes on behind London's closed doors (and sometimes open ones).

That's right, according to their annual City Index - made from 7,000 Londoners filling out a survey - has found all manner of salacious deeds.

One third of Muswell Hill residents say they've done the deed at work.

33 per cent of people in Borough confessed to cheating, compared to 23 per cent of Londoners who say they've had an affair. All despicable.

Plumstead locals are living it up by having more sex than anyone else in the city. 45 per cent have banged it out in the last week and 18 per cent rock it on 'most days'. A tip of the hat to Plumstead.

Here's the big news: 80 per cent of Brixton residents have had a one-night stand in the last year. 80 PER CENT. If you're single and ready to mingle, you know where to go. Holy shit.

40 per cent of people are having sex once a week or more. Very nice. Unfortunately, it turns out the wealthier you are, the more you're doing the deed. EAT THE RICH.

Finally, of course, millennials are making sweet, sweet love more than any other age group. Which definitely proves that millennials ARE having sex, haters.

Thanks, Time Out, for helping us to learn more about this great city.

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