A Redditor Found The Worst Note In His Hotel Bed

Oh sheet.

Cancel the holiday. Unpack the kids' suitcases. Still leave the hamsters with cousin Beth because you do deserve a break.

You can no longer go on holiday or stay in hotels ever, ever again. 

Why? Because a Redditor "heard something crinkle" when he settled down in his Courtyard Marriott bed and found this: 

This being Reddit, people are keen to outdo each other, however, and are sharing even-more horrifying holiday stories. One user wrote: 

"A few years ago I and a coworker stayed in a room for a month during some out-of-state training. At the end of the month we are packing everything up and take the sheets off of the beds just to be sure we aren’t missing anything. A partial denture with four false teeth falls out of his sheets. He wasn’t missing any teeth." 

Yeah. We're off now. To lie shaking in our own bedsheets until our brains have finished suppressing that memory forever. 

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