A Six-Year-Old Boy Just Massively Improved His Parents' Shopping List

Excuse me, can you show me to the butt aisle?

Hey babe, you got enough bread in? Want me to pick up some milk? Cool. Oh, wait, are we running low on butts?

A six-year-old has educated his mother on the importance of stocking up on butt, butt, butt, farts, farts, and butts after he vandalised her shopping list. 

San Franciscan Anne Broshar shared the picture of her brother and his wife’s shopping list and the unwelcome edits. 

Our favourite part is that he snuck "car" up there early on too. 

The post has been retweeted hundreds of times and many users decided to butt in (ho ho) and offer helpful suggestions.

We wish the Broshars the happiest of futures with their new butts. 

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