A Teen Brutally Took Down Her Homophobic Aunt And It's All Sorts Of Yes

Bye Aunt Marie.

In the general guidebook for aunts, there are two things that aunts are explicitly forbidden to be: 1) Named Marie, and 2) homophobic. 

Unfortunately Charlie, an 18-year-old bisexual teen, has an aunt with both these ailments - and thus was forced to savagely take her down in a fairy tale for the ages.

It all started when her aunt called her a "faggot" which no, not an aunt's job, what are you doing Marie:

It all got worse when she tried to apologise however, as she turned out to have the tact of, well, of a homophobic aunt named Marie:

Charlie, being an exceptional badass and/or not afraid of losing £10 in a Me to You birthday card every year, replied with this: 

“I posted my response to the text because I wanted people to see that I stood up for myself,” she said. “I also made myself laugh so I thought it’d be funny, but I had no idea exactly how many people would find it funny.”

About 30,000 people found it funny, judging by the retweets, but Charlie's mum wasn't one of them: 

As for Aunt Marie? Who knows. Charlie hasn't spoken to her becasuse she believes “that people should do their best to cut all toxic people out of their lives."

“I hope that this gives people courage to stand up for themselves no matter who they have to stand up to.” 

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