A Teenager Cosplayed Rihanna And Rihanna Could Not Get Over It

"How she do me better than me doe?"

What do you do in your spare time? Build families then drown them in the swimming pool on The Sims? Try the A4 waist challenge in your bedroom when no one's looking? Flick through clickbait on the internet.com? 

This girl cosplays Rihanna. And she does it so well that ACTUAL RIHANNA cares about it.

It was Celebrity Day at 17-year-old student Shania Ruedas Bernal's school, and she went all out. Like, seriously all out. 

Twitter: shaania___ / Christopher Polk

She managed to recreate an old shot of Rih Rih on the Anti album, looking fly as always.

“Obviously Rihanna looked amazing and then I realised that I could pull together an outfit that’ll look very similar to hers".


What she didnt't realise what that she'd do it so well. So well that thousands of people would comment. So well that Rihanna would see it. SO WELL THAT RIHANNA LOVED IT.

“My stomach dropped and the anxiety started to kick in”, Shania said. 

“I wanted to walk out of the classroom and scream. It was honestly the greatest feeling in the world to be complimented by Rihanna herself.” 

We bet - Rihanna's social media interations have been known to be a *little* savage...

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