An Eight-Month-Old Was Pulled Over By Police And She Totally Deserved It

No need to be a baby about it.

If there's one thing we're sick of, it's babies getting away with breaking the law. Sure, sure, they can't technically read, or think, or reason, but they should still stop speeding and/or pooping wherever they want. 

This is a lesson eight-month-old Reigen learnt over the Easter weekend when she was stopped by Philadelphia police for running a stop sign.

"Apparently, this motorist thought that a posted Stop Sign was only a suggestion, and a “slide” would suffice. Uh, no! Also, “not being able to read” really isn’t an excuse – but nice try!" wrote Philadelphia Police Department on Facebook. 


"Yeah, yeah, ma'am. Tell it to the judge!"Pictured here is Officer Walter Nejman from the 8th district putting in work...

Posted by Philadelphia Police Department on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Facebook commenters have been seen joking about the matter, but we don't think it's funny.

This child is clearly criminally dangerous.

How long are we going to let babies flaunt the rules and regulations of society just because they haven't yet mastered their bowels? HOW LONG?

Rise up against our baby oppressors. 

We salute you, Officer Walter Nejman. 

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