A Woman Had A Friends-Themed Bridal Shower And It Was Perfect

He's her lobster, alright.

Ah, love. L-O-V-E love. L, is for 'Life'. O is for, 'Oh wow'. V is for this 'Very' surprising turns of events. And EeeeEEeeEEeeeEEeeee LOOK HOW GODDAMN CUTE THIS IS.

Shamain K. Photography

Any Friends fan knows that when you find your lobster, you're pretty much attached for life (and weddings are the best thing ever, if you listen to Ross).

So when Friends superfan Sana Seeham announced her engagement, her own Friends knew exactly what to do - throw her a shower complete with Monica's lasagnes, Rachel's (probably non-beef) trifle, ALL the delicious cheesecakes fresh from Mama's LIttle Bakery, and a ton more references only true Fiends fans would understand.

Check it out (warning, single people - you'll finish up feeling a bit like this):

Warner Bros

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