A Woman Just Vanished On Live TV And No One Can Understand It

Now you see her, now y-WHAT THE HELL!?

If you've ever travelled abroad, you'll know it's all too easy for items to disappear at baggage reclaim. Suitcases, your new pair of skis, whole human people... 

Wait, what? According to a live broadcast from Denmark's TV2 channel (and our very own eyeballs), real live humans are now disapparating outside the realms of J.K. Rowling's wizarding world. Specifically, in Danish airports.


Don't believe us? Watch this gif of a woman chatting to a pal while waiting for her bag to trundle round on the conveyorbelt, only to DISAPPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE as another lady walks past (or witch. Are these people all witches? Is Denmark where Hogwarts really is?!) with seemingly no reaction from the people around her.

A trick of the light, or Paul Daniels' first feat of mischief from the Other Realm? You decide.

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