A Woman Thinks Jesus Is In Her Womb Which Is Nice For Her, We Guess


Jesus, eh. The Son Of God. The Light Of The World. The Womb Watcher.

It seems like, lately, Jesus just can't get enough of watching wombs. And can you blame him? Visiting priests and virgins gets a bit boring, you know? Jesus wants to get on that unborn hype. Check in with the foetuses. Let them know what's up.


At least this is what one pregnant woman named Fanny (we're not laughing, you are) wants us to think.


Fanny, from Argentina, spotted Jesus in an ultrasound scan of her daughter Alfonsia. Fanny also claimed she saw visions of Jesus whilst preggers, which is really nice for her, we suppose. 

Despite the fact that forensic researchers recently found out what Jesus would have looked like, and it's actually nothing like the long-haired, angelic image Fanny found on her ultrasound, we're willing to give this story a fair chance. Let's settle it the proper way, shall we?  With an ill-informed popular vote.