Abbi & Ilana Spill Broad City Secrets In High-larious Twitter Q&A

If you don't read this, you'll get FOMO.

If you're a Broad City geek (like the best people are) you'll be excited to hear that Abbi and Ilana did a Twitter Q & A about the show. And it's one of the best we've ever seen.

Here are the best questions from it:

How much on Broad City is script vs improv?

Who would you most like to have a smoke session with?

What advice do you have for someone interested in comedy and crazy enough to want to do it full time?

What are you smoking on the show when your characters are smoking weed?

Which episode was the most fun to shoot?

What's the funniest story from filming the show?

What was something on the show that was so weird it almost didn't make into the episode?

Who would you absolutely love to have guest star on the show that you haven't had yet?

How much of a role does the amazing Amy Poehler play in the show? Writing, producing, etc.

Abbi: How often does Ilana stare at your booty?

What's your favorite line from Mean Girls?

Are you guys actually high/drunk when filming scenes?

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