Watch Adele Chug A Cuppa Then Rap A Flawless Nicki Minaj Verse

Rolling in the Jeep.

For five long years, Adele left us to battle any emotional turmoil we faced with nothing but her back catalogue and a KFC family bucket.

Fulwell 73 Productions/CBS Television Studios via YouTube

Now she's back, we cant get enough of her, with her comeback single 'Hello' sparking everything from sassy two year-olds throwing some killer impressions, to Twitter spending days crying over exes they never had, to an unwavering longing for that Motorola flip phone you threw away in 2003.

Now she's joined the roster of celebs reminding James Corden that he'll never be a pop star, hopping in his motor for a Car Pool Karaoke session. 

Imagine being in a car with Adele. Imagine her holding a cuppa, like a regular human, then downing it in one gulp and blasting your eardrums with a Spice Girls verse so perfect you wish Geri had never fucking bothered.

That's what James Corden got to experience, the weasel, and not before she rapped along to 'Monster' by Nicki Minaj. Not many people could get away with proclaiming themselves a bad b*tch from Sri Lanka, the colour of Willy Wonka, but shit, she really did.

She smashed it so hard, Nicki herself waded in:

That voice. That pout. THAT LADYBOB.